Traditional Outdoor & Hunting Clothing, made from Natural Fibers

Using hand-crafted production techniques, we process natural fibers such as wool, loden, linen and leather into high-quality garments. Our many years of experience are reflected in modern functional details that blend harmoniously into our knickerbockers, breeches, leather pants, hunting clothes and traditional costumes. My personal experiences with hunting express themselves in the perfection and the reduction to essential features that is found on every item of our clothing. You do not need more pockets, just a knife pocket that prevents the loss of your valuable blade.

Wool - Loden or Walkloden are perfect for traditional occasions, and especially the Walkloden cleverly complements our outdoor clothing. The properties of the wool are prerequisites for the Loden clothing, which were dominant in the Alpine areas for over 100 years. We convert Loden to jackets, pants, and vests, - all with functional tailoring - to high quality outdoor clothing and hunting clothing. The advantages brought about by the natural fibers are apparent in our exceptional garments.

Leather and hair-suede pair harmoniously with clothing made of natural resources like wool or linen.In our tanning processes, we strive to stay environmentally friendly and use natural techniques such as that with chamois leather. From deer leather and cowhide, we create Lederhosen (leather pants) that are available as knee breeches, long trousers, or boot trousers. Hair-suede from merino sheep is made into high-grade winter clothing and outdoor clothing for temperatures well below freezing.

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