Servicing our high quality products.

Should your trousers or jacket ever get a tear on sharp thorns, we close this "wound" with a small scar left behind. And if the zipper jams we renew it again with a high-quality original part. During a repair, cleaning and ironing on the parts is included. We strive to preserve your beloved garment for many more years.


Cleaning and care of our Loden pants   (Attention - only for pants!)
You can also wash our loden pants under the following conditions:

1) In the washing machine with wool program
2) With wool detergent (I recommend 1/2 dosage)
3) Temperature COLD - very important please no temperature selection
4) Dry - hang the pants up with your legs up and let the pants dry slowly. Please do not use a tumble dryer.
5) After drying (1 - 2 days) dampen the trousers with a steam iron slightly.

A tip for hunters:  blood  stains - put the pants in cold water then the blood dissolves, visible by red color of the water. Not in warm water, as the blood stops and solidifies even more. Then clean the pants as described above.

Your pants will thank you and give you much pleasure again. In this context, I would like to point out again to the self-cleaning of wool fiber. The lanolin contained in the wool repels bacteria and dirt. With this wool wax the wool is self-cleaning, ventilated optimally and regulates the temperature, the amount of moisture and it does not form odors.