We are manufacturer

Our tradition of craftsmanship based on the ideals of Max Lehner. In 1931 he founded a small workshop and was devoted primarily to the production of earthy clothing
Ladies and gentlemen. After the war, a collection of traditional costumes and country fashion was the construction started and successfully adds stores in Austria.

In 1964 the well-being of the company was placed in the hands of Erich Antl.
The small company expanded rapidly and the export to Germany, Italy, Switzerland and France successfully expanded.

The company receives a new company name and is now called Bekla KG. Today the company is the production of small series dedicated to artisanal basis in conjunction with the latest digital interface development.


The inherited basic sections of the traditional fashion or Landhausmode be digitally remastered and re-adapted to today's comfort. Thus, fit, comfort and unpretentious design are perfectly matched. Through modern technology, we also now possible to produce custom-made for you.

I lead in the 3rd generation, the company with my brother continued. My personal experience with the Hunt express themselves in perfection and reduction of the Necessary. Our hunting and hiking clothes is connected to tradition and only natural fibers and leather processed in manufacturing.

Just as Max Lehner has begun, we have set a path continued with modern technology.
Traditionally, we make still demanding quality at excellent prices.