Length Adjustable knives pocket

Today is about our "length Adjustable knives pocket".
Before we explain our equipment detail "knife pocket", let us a few thoughts on the use and carrying method of knives lose.
First, a knife should be once stored safely. Since the cut-resistant sheath belongs cited first. A knife should be safely carried on the body and not be immediately visible to everyone. The position must be handily and protect against injury. Also in the fall and head over location, the diameter must remain fixed in position.

In order to achieve the following above-described characteristics and requirements of our knife bag is equipped with following details:

>> Length adjustable - you can find the optimal position our pocket knife Adjust the length of your knife. The blade should be about 1 - 2 cm with the handle of the bag sticking to be handily reachable. i.e. with a handle you have your knife in his hand.

>> Backup - by Patte-long you connect continuously with the Klettverschuss is fixed the knife and secured against unintentional falling out in any position. Furthermore, the flap serves as a screen and the blade can not be seen at first glance.

We are convinced to be able to offer a perfect product details Recreation, hiking and hunting.

Your team Bekla


Elastic cuffs closure and knee Profile

Elastic cuffs closure and knee Profile, two details that I would like to present today. Our new cuff closure is a inovatives detail that 2 functions ensured.

On the one hand, it provides a fitting conclusion to the Knickerbockers in the movement. Secondly, by the resilience he puts together the leg not and ensures maximum comfort.

In addition to our new cuff closure knee profile for a multi-length, makes and counteracts slipping the pants in the movement. The Knickerbockers adapts ergonomically perekt and ensures increased comfort. We are convinced to be able to offer a perfect product for leisure, hiking and hunting.


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Covered step seam

The crotch seam is completely covered with lining, so even marches for several days no longer represent a problem dar. Modern trouser cuts are usually very close to the body cut and have little legroom in the leg. This does not always have any advantages and especially with extended foot marches, the step seam raises something and rubs on the thigh. This can cause redness and open skin on sensitive skin. We therefore completely covered the inseam with all our trousers with viscose lining and quilted the seam flat. There is no more chafing and the pants have a very good feeling in the inside leg area.

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Chamois underwear (natural tanning)

Goat creamy, a rarity among the leathers. In elaborate, lasting for months tanning process (tanning), creates a precious, durable leather. The roughened grain side provides the typical look of the skin. tear-resistant, elastic; a leather that gets more beautiful the longer you wear it. We use this leather for our thermal underwear - suede leather underwear.

This leather underwear regulates the heat balance, is breathable and very friendly to the skin due to its tannin tannins. If you are looking for a lightweight and very robust and temperature-regulating underwear, you are perfectly equipped with this product. At low temperatures, this underwear protects you like a second skin. They remain agile and do not require additional "seat pants and sacks" to defy the cold, especially in pressure hunts where it depends on agility and prolonged stamina on the stand. Our approach is different - reduction to the most important.

Important additional information:
° Carrying instruction - always wear a pair of underpants under the leather pants!
° Wash only with cold washing in the washing machine
° Use special leather detergent

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Velcro closure - pros and cons

We decided to use Velcro in our apparel, especially where it brings significant benefits and improvements. Yes - we know that the Velcro closure does not necessarily match natural fiber clothing, but it does not contradict it. In areas that can be easily contaminated we do not use the Velcro (cuffs on knee breeches). Here comes the metal buckle and the adjustable snap closure made of plastic used. In the waistband area, the velcro offers great advantages thanks to its stepless adjustment. Our braces adapters would not be usable without Velcro, because they have no elevated areas through buttons, do not apply and a snagging is prevented.

Our adjustable knife pocket with the flap and Velcro, closes by itself and the knife is always secured against loss. Decisive advantages that we could not realize with other types of closure. Avoiding noise by hitting objects on buttons is an important aspect for the use of the Velcro, especially for hunters.

Even if skepticism outweighs the advantages convince, the Velcro closes and keeps safe.

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OWF construction (outer fabric - thermal insulation - lining)

With our new material construction (OWF), we succeeded on the one hand, the ideas of a clothing made of natural fibers
and to combine the demands of modern functional clothing.

By processing a pure sheep wool fleece which is not quilted with the feed, there are advantages over the traditional quilted lining. A higher insulation factor is achieved because there are no cold bridges. This also provides more elasticity of clothing, as each layer is exposed and can adapt to the movement. Our OWF setup has a few more details in terms of workmanship, which increase the wearing comfort and were developed by us.

The advantages of a sheep's wool fleece are in particular the lightness and the high thermal insulation. Thanks to the antibacterial properties, there are no odors and the wool is self-cleaning. The wool fleece can absorb up to 30% moisture without feeling wet - and even when it is wet, wool still warms very well compared to down. Current models in the OWF structure: BERN, RAURIS, HARDEGG jackets, RAX vest and BURAN coat with genuine Merino fur velor collar.

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Leather buttons vs. concealed button placket

It may be that the look of a concealed button placket looks more elegant and slimmer than braided leather buttons. Since first of all the function of hunting clothing comes first, we have decided on the button-through button placket.
For hunters and nature lovers, our braided leather buttons are an advantage, as they do not cause a metallic sound when hit and are not clearly perceptible by the game. With gloves and cold hands, our large leather buttons close much faster and more comfortably than a concealed button placket. The color-coordinated buttons also protect when carrying binoculars or similar. against scratching and noise. The leather button has clear advantages over the concealed button placket.

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Integrated shoe hook  (Modelle: TIGER, PANTHER, WOLF)

For our long trousers "Panther, Wolf and Tiger", an integrated shoe hook has been incorporated into the foot width adjustment. You can simply hook this hook or carabiner into the laces and adjust the length by adjusting the foot width. Since the foot width adjustment is made with round rubber, the anchoring of the pants on the shoe does not lock and can be adjusted in length. If you do not need the hook or only use the foot width adjustment, the carabiner is hooked to the inside of a loop and is no longer visible.