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Length Adjustable knives pocket

Today is about our "length Adjustable knives pocket".
Before we explain our equipment detail "knife pocket", let us a few thoughts on the use and carrying method of knives lose.
First, a knife should be once stored safely. Since the cut-resistant sheath belongs cited first. A knife should be safely carried on the body and not be immediately visible to everyone. The position must be handily and protect against injury. Also in the fall and head over location, the diameter must remain fixed in position.

In order to achieve the following above-described characteristics and requirements of our knife bag is equipped with following details:

>> Length adjustable - you can find the optimal position our pocket knife Adjust the length of your knife. The blade should be about 1 - 2 cm with the handle of the bag sticking to be handily reachable. i.e. with a handle you have your knife in his hand.

>> Backup - by Patte-long you connect continuously with the Klettverschuss is fixed the knife and secured against unintentional falling out in any position. Furthermore, the flap serves as a screen and the blade can not be seen at first glance.

We are convinced to be able to offer a perfect product details Recreation, hiking and hunting.

Your team Bekla


Elastic cuffs closure and knee Profile

Elastic cuffs closure and knee Profile, two details that I would like to present today. Our new cuff closure is a inovatives detail that 2 functions ensured.

On the one hand, it provides a fitting conclusion to the Knickerbockers in the movement. Secondly, by the resilience he puts together the leg not and ensures maximum comfort.

In addition to our new cuff closure knee profile for a multi-length, makes and counteracts slipping the pants in the movement. The Knickerbockers adapts ergonomically perekt and ensures increased comfort. We are convinced to be able to offer a perfect product for leisure, hiking and hunting.

Your team of Bekla