Size chart

To select the right size, first measure your body measurements. These are those dimensions which are entered in the size tables. The body measurement is measured closely (without addition) on the body. It is beneficial to be helped here. Measure without outerwear, ideal in underwear. In the case of jackets and jackets, the chest circumference is very important in connection with the body size. For trousers you take body size and waist circumference as an important measure for the determination.

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Oversize, suit combinations

Many of our models are available in oversize. We offer up to 30 different sizes in 3 different size groups. The maximum values ​​start with the size HN46 up to the oversize HN64.

What does HN46 mean?

HN specifies the size of the standard size 46. In addition to the normal size (HN), there is also a short size (HS) and a long size (HL). The maximum number is always retained - for example: an HS46 is a short 46 or HL46 is a long 46. You no longer have to rethink in e.g. 50 - 25 - 100

Combination possibilities

You can fit your suit - for example from a jacket, trousers and vest - in different sizes and colors. Not everyone needs the jacket and pants in the same size. You can choose the vest from a contrasting material - as you like it.

We use the same materials and colors for the jackets and pants. Choose jacket and pants in the same color and you have a suit. Look for the color and everything fits together.

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