You are entitled to return the delivered merchandise undamaged within 14 days at your own cost. Any reasons need not be given. The bill of sale becomes valid from the date of receipt by your approval, at the latest after expiration of the 14 days of the right of return.

Right of cancellation
Without giving reasons, you may cancel your bill of sale within two weeks dating from the expiration of the 14 days term of return, in writing by letter, Fax or e-mail or by returning the merchanise. The term begins at the earliest on receipt of the merchandise or of this information, but not before expiration of the term of return. To maintain the term of cancellation, suffices the punctual sending of the cancellation or of the merchandise. Cancellation or return of the merchandise are to be sent to: BEKLA KG, Statzenbachgasse 3, A-5202 Neumarkt a. W.

Consequences of cancellation
In the case of valid cancellation, services received on either side are to be returned as well as possible profit by use. Should you not be able to return the received merchandise entirely (in toto), or could you only be able to return it partially or in a damaged condition, you will have to refund lost value. This however does not apply if the deterioration of the merchandise is only due to testing it - as for instance in the shop. Futhermore you can refunding of lost value by not using the merchandise like a propriator by handling it in a way as not to impair its value. You will be charged with the cost of return sending.

We deliver according to our general conditions. Merchandise is dispatched upon receipt of value, cost of postage, inclusively added value tax, on our bankaccount. We send exclusively by Austrian and German post. Merchandise is dispatched as insured package.

Should delivered articles show obvious defects in material or manufacture, including damages by transport, we ask you to notify these defects to us or the postoffice in question which has handled the delivery. During the terms of guarantee, for all defects of merchandise the legal claims for repair, substitution or - granted the legal conditions - further demands on cancellation or reduction of the contract are applicable.

Failure to deliver certain goods
Should certain articles not be available, we are committed to inform you of the non-availability before acceptance of the order.

Validity of prices
The prices stated in our catalogue include the official added vlaue tax. The official currency applicable to is the EURO.

Delivery charges according to order
These costs are calculated per order and customer address by tarff zones and stated in your online order before conclusion of contract. Added value tax is included in delivery charges.

Costs of returning merchandise
These costs are charged on the purchaser. Unstamped (not prepaid) articles are not accepted by us.

Merchandise is by principle delivered upon pre-payment or payment in cash.

Furnishers's logo
It reads: BEKLA KG, Statzenbachgasse 3, A-5202 Neumarkt a.W., Austria

Exclusion of liability of foreign links
On their pages with links, BEKLA KG refers to other pages with links in the internet. For all these links applies: BEKLA KG declares expressedly not to have any influence on the lay-out and contents of the linked pages. We therefore renounce explicitely all contents of all linked pages from third parties on and do not identify ourselves with these contents. This declaration applies to all notified links as well as to all contents of pages connected with links.

Right of illustrating documentation
These rights remain with BEKLA KG or their partners. Use of these without autorisation is not permitted.

Competency of court
This is agreed to be exclusively the local (county) court at Neumarkt a. W.

Online Dispute Resolution
We point out that the EU Commission offers the possibility of online dispute resolution on an online platform operated by it. You can reach this platform via the external link