Knickerbocker, Knickerbocker, Loden breeches, Leashes for hunting, sport and outdoor. We process high-quality natural fibers (100% virgin wool and 100% linen) for our products

The trouser cut designed by us was adapted to the requirements of a functional hunting and outdoor clothing. The form follows the function! This is how our field-proven hunting and outdoor trousers are made. We pay attention to the really important requirements of a pair of trousers with the proven natural material wool for millennia. For all our trousers made of loden or wool fabrics, the front trousers are lined with 100% viscose lining. We therefore use this lining so that the trousers do not stick to the thigh and thus do not lock when walking. For this reason, we only feed the front trousers so as to minimize the elasticity and breathability of the wool as much as possible. The step seam is completely covered with viscose lining, so even marches for several days no longer represent a problem.