Smock - Loden shirt (Lech)

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Loden - 100% new wool; 580 gr./lfm,
felted cloth loden in a melange look with a smooth finish; a compact quality for the highest demands with excellent wearing properties.
Contrast - 100% waxed cotton and corduroy;


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Smock - Loden shirt (Lech)

Modell  "LECH":  The casual loden shirt - Smock

 This form of clothing was originally a workwear and a kind of work coat. In the English room it was and is still referred to as Smock. It is a simple piece of clothing for slipping. Unlined with front zipper and collar and a pouch pocket for storage of utensils and can be used with Zipp at the same time as a muff bag - in a bag 2 pockets are incorporated. Laterally for easier tightening slots are incorporated which are closed with push button.
The saddle is made of water-repellent waxed cotton and with extra length to better ensure the drainage. The sleeve hem is equipped with an adjustable cuff. This loden shirt is great for the transitional period and can be easily stowed away. On hikes or the stalk you are well prepared for weather fluctuations.

Available in 3 size groups:

HN** standing for normal sizes (HN50 is equal to size  50)
HS** standing for short sizes     (HS50 is equal to size  25)
HL** standing for long sizes   (HL50 is equal to size 100)

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