Hiking pants - Merinoloden (Attersee)

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Merino towel - 100% mulesing-free merino virgin wool (WV) 360 gr./lfm.
Well-tumbled cloth loden in a melange look made of extra-fine merino virgin wool with a smooth finish

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As an accessory that can be ordered, you can get our robust suspenders in our online shop, which are docked to the trousers using a suspender adapter.


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Hiking pants - Merinoloden (Attersee)

Model "ATTERSEE": hiking pants with cut waistband and width adjustment!

Our new Mondsee model was designed as the perfect trekking and mountain pants. With a weight of only 650 grams and the width adjustment (in the waist area) of approx. 4 centimeters, it is ideally suited for mountain sports. The extra-fine merino loden is extremely skin-friendly and the exposed areas have been reinforced with hard-wearing canvas. You will enjoy this trousers for a long time.

Four folds have been incorporated in the knee area for more freedom of movement, so the trousers do not block when walking and climbing. All pockets have zippers to protect your valuables from being lost.

The inner waistband was also made of canvas and fitted with suspender adapters. The trouser hem has an integrated length adjustment and has been provided with shoe hooks.

The fit and weight of these unlined pants have been optimally developed with a view to sport and leisure. Enjoy the excellent properties of merino wool - one of the finest and most exquisite natural fibers.

Available in 3 size groups:

HN** represents the normal sizes (HN50 corresponds to size  50)
HS** represents the short sizes     (HS50 corresponds to size  25)
HL** represents the long sizes   (HL50 corresponds to size 100)

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