Sakko - Golf folding (Inverness)

Loden, 100% wool, 390 gr./lfm, light Loden, fulled with soft equipment - magnificent wearability

Golf pleat for greater freedom of movement in the back; Profile sleeves for bending length; Upper collar corduroy; Cartridge holder in breast pocket;

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Sakko - Golf folding (Inverness)

Model "INVERNESS": The jacket with freedom of movement!

This jacket offers the golf pleat back an enormous freedom of movement and the fold jump in its original position automatically, so that the back view always fits perfectly.
A new function is detailed in the sleeves. It was incorporated into the upper sleeves a profile so that more flexion length arises and the sleeve still has a nice case. In the elbow area you have enough length in the bent position. The upper collar is made of corduroy and emphasizes the sportiness of this model.
Our Light Loden in Perllodenoptik speaks for itself. A top product of the company Loden Steiner from Mandling. You have in this Sakko 2 inside pockets and a mobile phone pocket with adjustable closure.

This jacket can be complemented with our trousers as a suit or combination.

Available in 3 size groups:

HN** stellen die Normalgrößen dar (HN50 entspricht der Größe  50)
HS** stellen die Kurzgrößen dar   (HS50 entspricht der Größe  25)
HL** stellen die Langgrößen dar (HL50 entspricht der Größe 100)

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