Hunting Trousers - Waliserloden (Wolf)

Waliserloden from 100% pure wool, 640 gr./lfm, Strapazloden, fulled with what equipment - magnificent wearability
The front trousers are lined with 100% viscose lining. We therefore use this lining so that the trousers do not stick to the thigh and thus do not lock when walking. For this reason, we only feed the front trousers so as to minimize the elasticity and breathability of the wool as much as possible.

Important Additional Information:
As an orderable accessory you get our robust suspenders in our online shop, this is docked by means of suspenders adapter to the pants.

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Hunting Trousers - Waliserloden (Wolf)

Model "WOLF": Waliser Loden trousers with high cutted waistband

These pants in Waliser Loden with kidney federal and infinitely adjustable foot width has been specially designed for the colder season. Whether for hiking, hunting, or prolonged exposure to the outdoors, you are equipped with these pants against cold, wind and weather.
Functional details such as: adjustable foot width by means of rubber, the foot width can be varied continuously. Padded kidney covenant protects and warms the body. Infinitely variable length adjustment of the knife pocket, doubling the hind trousers in the back and thigh area and side pocket with flap, features of this pant.

Available in 3 size groups:

HN** standing for normal sizes (HN50 is equal to size  50)
HS** standing for short sizes     (HS50 is equal to size  25)
HL** standing for long sizes   (HL50 is equal to size 100)

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