Cape - Strichloden (Grünau)

Strichloden - 100% pure new wool
(Merino Extra Fine), 420gr./lfm, water repellent

Important additional information:
The hood is not part of this offer and can be ordered separately as an accessory item. If you order it, the adapter buttons are already sewn onto the cape.

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Product.Nr. H5C01_298

weight 1,70 KG

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  • Colour: 298/35 - oliv (100% Pure New Wool)

Cape - Strichloden (Grünau)

Model "Grünau": Der cloak for bad, wet weather!

The weather stain (cape, cape, cloak or puke) is a universally usable item of clothing. It is indispensable in traditional costume clothing and is deeply rooted in tradition.
The olive bar loden (loden in which the fibers are laid in one direction; this roof tile-like laying of the wool fibers allows water to roll off) is particularly water-repellent and breathable. This special finish gives the bar loden a very nice shine and soft feel.
The weather patch has a generously cut turn-down collar, which means that the neck area is well protected against rain and wind.
The cape is closed with leather buttons.

Our braided leather buttons are advantageous for hunters and nature lovers, as they do not produce a metallic sound when bumped and are not clearly perceptible by the game. With gloves and cold hands, our large leather buttons can be closed much faster and more conveniently than a concealed button placket. The color-coordinated buttons also protect when wearing binoculars or the like. against scratching and noise.

The cape is kept open at the side and is fixed with a button. The weather stain has 2 pockets on the inside. We have deliberately avoided using outer pockets, as the water runs into the pockets when it rains heavily.

Available in 3 size groups:

HN** represents the normal sizes (HN50 corresponds to size  50)
HS** represents the short sizes     (HS50 corresponds to size  25)
HL** represents the long sizes   (HL50 corresponds to size 100)

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