Loden - Carded 100% virgin wool

The term Loden is now a generic term for dense, heavy carded wool. They are always flexed and differ in surface qualities.
The term Loden probably derives from the Old High German word "lodo", which is called "coarse woolen stuff" or "coarse material". Although the term "lodo" is attested since the 10th century., The exact origin of the word "Loden" is still unclear.
Our Loden (Article 290) are sourced from the textile mill Mehler from Tirschenreuth. In the oldest textile factory in Germany everything is produced from the fiber to the finished fabric locally - "Made in Germany"

Loden is water-repellent
"Walken" Through the process of Loden is more resistant, warmer and especially water repellent.

Loden is temperature balancing
Because of the tissue structure of Lodens a regular and controlled heat equalization takes place, it creates a microclimate zone on the body. Loden can not by the cold, the body heat retains and guarantees exceptional comfort.

Loden is breathable
New wool is highly breathable, it takes the water vapor from the body and delivers it to the fabric surface. This property of the loden is particularly important in outerwear sporty external such as wherever physical effort is required - while hiking, sports and hunting.

Loden is windproof
The fact that Loden is processed without chemical additives, maintaining its wind-breaking property.

Loden is resistant to dirt
Due to the commodity structure and Wolllanolins new wool is completely impervious to dirt. This means that dirt can easily be brushed off when dry from Loden.

Loden is silently
This store is extremely quiet, especially hunters appreciate that.