Loden jacket - OWF construction (Rauris)


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  • Colour: 290/35 - olive (Loden 100% new wool)

  • Men's sizes:

Loden jacket - OWF construction (Rauris)

Model "RAURIS": The Loden jacket in the OWF - construction, thermal insulation and rain protection!

Another high quality product of our OWF construction. With this loden jacket you are prepared for 2 weather situations - cold and rain. Thanks to our OWF construction (3rd layer is a freely hanging wool fleece without cold bridges) we save weight and achieve excellent thermal insulation through our wool fleece. In addition to the good thermal insulation, the wool fleece also has another property, it absorbs the moisture and gives it to the outer fabric and this to the outside. Wool can absorb up to 30% moisture without feeling wet. In the shoulder area, the waxed cotton saddle ensures that the water runs off when it rains and then rolls down vertically over the loden. 70% of the water runs off directly and ensures dry shoulders.
Our Napoleon bag is conveniently located on the left front and is equipped with a flexible cartridge holder and with a zipper, the bag is securely closed. 2 pockets at the waist with heat pocket lining (roughened cotton or barchent) provide a comfortable and warm protection of our hands. Also on the front 2 large flap pockets provide plenty of storage space. On the left sleeve is still a small zip pocket housed. Inside, our jacket features 2 closable inside pockets and our adjustable-length cell phone pocket.
The sleeve has been provided with a profile that gives us more length and width in the elbow, thereby facilitating the flexing of the arm and creating fullness for our insulation. A 2-way zip with cording toe strip and a drawstring ensure no heat loss in these two zones. Our cuffs are also adjustable in the width with elastic in order to adapt to our required width and not strangulated by the rubber or locks.

If you have any questions about our jacket RAURIS, call us, we look forward to your call.

Available in  size groups:

HN** standing for normal sizes (HN50 is equal to size  50)

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