Hunting Pants - Outdoor Loden (Leopard)

Welsch loden made of 100% virgin wool, 640 g/m, durable loden, 100% waxed cotton, 350 g/m.

The front of the pants is lined with 100% viscose. This is to prevent the fabric from sticking to the thighs while walking. We line only the front in order to maintain the elasticity and breathability of the wool. The crotch seam is completely covered with lining, so that even during long walks, the pants do not chafe.

Important Additional Information:
In our online shop, you can find our robust suspenders which can be attached to the trousers via the suspender adaptors.

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Hunting Pants - Outdoor Loden (Leopard)

Model “LEOPARD”: Loden pants with waxed cotton reinforcement!

A pair of Loden pants for use in rough terrain, and a faithful companion for hunting and hiking.

By concentrating on the most important features, the design of these pants saves on excess weight, offering a trimmed collar that is pulled up in the kidney area. The raised knee pads made of waxed cotton provide optimal protection against moisture and thorns. In the knee area, design that takes the natural flexion of the knee into account is incorporated. Our adjustable knife pocket is placed in the right hind side of the pants. A map document pocket and a back pocket both have zippers for the safekeeping of items.

The pants also incorporate functional details such as: the adjustable foot width with shoe hooks, where the foot can be greatly adjusted by means of rubber, continuous length adjustment of the knife pocket, and the doubling of the hind region of the pants in the buttocks, thigh, and knee area with waxed cotton. This material provides the perfect abrasion protection, and protects against moisture and thorns.

Available in 3 size groups:

HN** standing for normal sizes (HN50 is equal to size  50)
HS** standing for short sizes     (HS50 is equal to size  25)
HL** standing for long sizes   (HL50 is equal to size 100)

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