Costume jacket - Steirerjanker (Krieglach)

Loden heather, 100% wool, 480 gr./lfm, drumming, Strapazloden - excellent wearability.

Real horn buttons and Reverkronen, two flap pockets and two chest pocket, back with fold and green paspoliertem Dragoons,  high quality interior finish, some inside pockets.

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Costume jacket - Steirerjanker (Krieglach)

Model  "KRIEGLACH":  A timeless classic revisited!

The classic Steirerjanker can be varied in many ways. Combined with long trousers or breeches you are suitably dressed for every occasion and an appearance with style and elegance is guaranteed. A costume part of the Steiermark!

Important Additional Information: jacket, vest and pants can be ordered in different sizes each, to guarantee a perfect fit and fit.

Available in 3 size groups:

HN** standing for normal sizes (HN50 is equal to size  50)
HS** standing for short sizes     (HS50 is equal to size  25)
HL** standing for long sizes   (HL50 is equal to size 100)




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