Kapuze - Strichloden

Strichloden - 100% Pure New Wool
(Merino Extra Fine), 420gr./lfm, water repellent


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Kapuze - Strichloden

Model: "KAPUZE": can be retrofitted to our models: GRÜNAU, HUBERTUS, FÖRSTERKRAGEN

In the head area, the hood is reinforced with an additional layer of fabric. Like the cape, the hood is made of the same material and color. And if you don't need the hood, you can always remove it from the weather stain or coat in just a few simple steps.

Available in 3 size groups:

HN** represents the normal sizes (HN50 corresponds to size  50)
HS** represents the short sizes     (HS50 corresponds to size  25)
HL** represents the long sizes   (HL50 corresponds to size 100)

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