Leath jacket (Werfen)

Deer chamois leather

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  • Leather: 120/79 - Deer chamois leather / altsalzburg

  • Size:

Leath jacket (Werfen)

Model "WERFEN": High quality deer leather jacket from suedeleather!

The timeless classic under leather jackets. A piece of leather that we are particularly proud of, reduced to the straight line, high quality workmanship and the unique leather quality.
You will find in our leather jacket 2 inner pockets and a mobile phone case which are processed into a high-quality viscose lining.
This jacket of deer leather will accompany you a very long distance of your life and protect you from cold and rain.

Deer chamois leather: A rarity among the leathers. In extensive, months-lasting tanning and coloring by hand creates a precious, durable leather. The roughened grain side has the typical appearance of the Wild skin. Tear-resistant, elastic; a leather which is even more beautiful as time goes on there.

Available in 3 size groups:

HN** represents the normal sizes (HN50 corresponds to size  50)
HS** represents the short sizes     (HS50 corresponds to size  25)
HL** represents the long sizes   (HL50 corresponds to size 100)

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