Equipment – fit Knickerbocker H3C01 – Dachs

Many of our models are equipped with functional details that were dissolved in the incision and amenities. In this model, the following equipment options are included:

Knife Bag
Our knives bag's length (about 8 cm) adjustable, and therefore you can set your meter length and personal supporting manner. The optimal fit is achieved when about 1 - 2 cm of the knife handle visible protruding from the pocket - to grab the knife and at the same time to fix the flap in order to prevent falling out. The pocket position is laterally recessed thigh, handily reachable, pushing the knife and does not interfere with sitting.

Heat Bag
The pocket bag is roughened cotton called moleskin executed. This material gives the engagement into the pocket immediately a warm, pleasant fluffy feel and you will be amazed how quickly you will have warm hands. Especially when in cold sensitivity is required in the fingers.

Wir verstehen unter einem Knieprofil Bewegungsfreiheit und Beugelänge im Kniebreich. Damit wird erreicht, dass die Hose beim Gehen bzw. Abbiegen im Kniebereich nicht zieht und somit einem Rutschen der Hose nach unten entgegenwirkt. Sie spüren auch die Hose kaum mehr beim Gehen und vorallem beim Steigen. Weiters ist der Kniebereich mit einem Wärmevlies unterlegt und schützt das Kniegelenk vor Kälte. In der Kniekehle ist das Profil negativ ausgelegt, d.h. das
Material wird in der Kniekehle reduziert und drückt nicht mehr.

Braces Adapter
Enables the rapid and safe docking of our robust suspender our pants. All pants are already equipped with this adapter. This suspender is ergonomically formed by the braces heart on the back. He is 2 - wide-adjustable and made of strong 40 mm, laminated textile rubber band. Our braces as retrofit accessories always available.

Gain / duplication
Gains or duplications are mounted on exposed areas of the clothing. They prevent moisture and provide extra insulation. Especially in the buttocks area and knees these reinforcements are used.

Kidney Belt
Wide waistband in the back area, which protects the kidney area from the cold. Our covenant broadening is additionally processed with a heat mat as an intermediate layer. Our kidneys collar is cut in one piece, so that no seams suppressed. Should it be necessary to extend the pants is the seam strike into the side seam yet.

Elastic cuffs closure
The always ensures a degree, the leg does not restrict and every movement. The cuff buckle is fixed by Textile Rubber and approx 3 - 4 cm long elastic. You will be convinced of this detailed solution.

in the coloring has gray / black and gray / olive by its twill weave and blurred optic high degree of adaptation to its environment in nature. You will be amazed how hard you are exempt.